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As the owner and Captain of the Special K I would like

to welcome you and your friends or family to join us

for a charter.


On the Special K we take great pride in providing

memorable fishing experiences that will last a lifetime. 

You get a crew that has experience in all the necessary

fisheries.  Your party will always be treated politely and

with respect.  We enjoy family trips with the little ones

just as much as the longer offshore excursions.


I am very fortunate to have learned from the very best

back when I was a deckhand.  Two, now retired,

Captains shaped me into the Captain I am today.  First

I learned the meaning of “Old School” from Capt.

Tommy Klostermann and he taught me the “book” on

fishing in the Gulf of Mexico.  Also during my career

I had the opportunity to fish with Capt. Andy Vaughn. 

With him I expanded my knowledge and learned many different ways to approach fishing, from being able to adapt at a moment’s notice to being able to thinking completely outside of the box and do things different from the norm.


Come on!  Let’s Go Fishing!


-Capt. Kyle Lowe



Bosun's Mate


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